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Welcome New and Prospective Members!

This page provides our package of information for people who want to or have just joined Search and Rescue in the Pincher Creek area.

A paper copy of this information can be found in the personnel binder which is at the regular meetings. You can print out copies for yourself or new stock to hand out from the individual documents.


Recruitment brochure

The first thing you may encounter is our recruitment brochure. You can print it out from this PDF link.


Basic information

Fitness and Well-Being Policy

Media Policy

Public Relations Policy

Expense Form

You can print the pdf expense form here.

Criminal Record Check Request form

You can print the pdf form to request a Criminal Record Check Request from one of these links

If the date on the pre-signed form is more than 6 months old, it might not be accepted. Better to print out the unsigned form and get it signed by a member of the board, the membership committee or the Administrator before you take it to the RCMP.

Personnel Record

You can print the pdf personnel record form here.

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