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Familiarize current/new overhead team members to overhead roles

  • work with TrainingCoordinator
  • have list of who current overhead team members are
  • determine who new overhead team members will be* determine what subject matters to cover
  • Materials needed for each role
  • Review all forms
  • Briefing and debriefing procedures
  • Resource list
  • Casie 3 program
  • should each student learn all roles?
  • have one quick table top 3 to 5 times a year at preplan meeting

We discussed the need for training for overhead team members. EricBruder will prepare a table top exercise. JanetJones will offer to work one-on-one for those who want to learn in detail.

[edit] Training Recommendation

  • that PCSAR have 2 table top exercises each year.

It might be possible to have a table top exercise for initial planning involving all members, followed by an actual deployment on a mock search based on the plan generated by the table top exercise.

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