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[edit] Description

What is this document used for?

[edit] Document

Where can this document be found? Include links to it in the various file formats available.

  • PCSAR DOC-0 Document Originals pdf (tex xml)

[edit] Editing

Are there any special instructions on how to edit this document?

xml-schema *.xsd *.xml
xslt document-originals-texml.xsl <document-register.xml | texml >tmp/doc-00-document-originals.tex
format-doc tmp/doc-00-document-originals.tex
xdvi tmp/doc-00-document-originals.dvi
scp -q document-register.xml tmp/doc-00-document-originals.{tex,pdf} pcsar.dyndns.org:/var/www/pcsar/mem_docs
ssh pcsar.dyndns.org 'chmod 664 /var/www/pcsar/mem_docs/*'

[edit] Issues

What, if anything, needs to be changed on the document?

[edit] Change log

What changes have been made to the document? Include dates.

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