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[edit] Description

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This is one of the most used forms in an incident. It describes what a field team is asked to do and then what was accomplished.

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Brett Wuth, 2004/11/23 16:16 MST (via web): Increased top border of front page to 0.5 inch, necessary for two sided printing on Deskjet d135. This caused first page to be oversize. Removed last part of first page, "All team members have returned to base and are accounted for as of" because that element is repeated on back "Debriefing" side. This creates enough room for form to fit on two pages.

Brett Wuth, 2005/01/24 16:10 MST (via web): Add matrix on bottom of Task Assignment for stages of assignment, times, and who confirmed. Change types of search from roman to arabic numbers. Add Snowmobile as type of search. Add checkboxes for team type, search type. Reorder fields on debriefing to natural order.

Brett Wuth, 2005/01/24 16:29 MST (via web): Add Injuries/Near Misses/Equipment damage or loss

Brett Wuth, 2005/05/29 15:56 MST (via web): Add check box for team type "Road Vehicle"

Brett Wuth 12:13, 18 February 2013 (UTC)

  • Add search type "wide-spaced sound sweep"
  • Fix colour

Brett Wuth 02:35, 8 December 2013 (UTC)

  • Add confinement, rover/relay search types
  • Add segment(s) to assignment
  • Add check-ins to time log
  • Emphasize team leader in Resource Name
  • Change Percentage of Segment not searched to Percentage of Assigned Area
  • Clearer separation of Responsive vs. Non-Responsive POD
  • Add manager's assessment of POD
  • Remove name of verifier that all team members are back
  • Add checklist for transfer of info
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