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[edit] Description

What is this document used for?

[edit] Document

Where can this document be found? Include links to it in the various file formats available.

(not publicly available because it lists radio codes. Contact pcsar-preplan@castrov.cuug.ab.ca to obtain a copy.) odt)

Don't use this "public" version of DOC-86. It doesn't have our confidential radio codes. It's intended for sharing with other groups that want to see our forms:

[edit] Editing

Are there any special instructions on how to edit this document?

[edit] Distribution

Whenever this document is changed, existing copies need to be replaced:

[edit] Issues

What, if anything, needs to be changed on the document?

[edit] Change log

What changes have been made to the document? Include dates.

  • Brett Wuth 19:29, 7 March 2013 (UTC) Change declination to 14 degrees. Add Ice hazard. Change title "Search Manager" to "Incident Commander (Search Manager)". Add bystanders to safety priorities. Add other medical conditions to allergies team check.
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