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[edit] Document

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[edit] Editing

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segment-example is produced as follows:

  • cp segment.sxw to segment-example.sxw
  • edit segment-example.sxw to include example text
  • export segment-example.sxw as pdf
  • use gimp to convert pdf page 2 to png
  • import into segment-example.sxd
  • mark up
  • export as segment-example.pdf
  • upload to website
    • scp segment-example.pdf pcsar.dyndns.org:/var/www/pcsar/mem_docs/doc-91-segment-example.pdf
    • chmod

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[edit] Issues

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[edit] Change log

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Brett Wuth, 2005/01/23 19:16 MST (via web):

Created example work sheet. Added ellipse to calculation of G to show more than 2 values from F may be multiplied together.

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