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Skill Details
Expert-Level Mountain Sledders Description Achieve their skill by aggressively riding off-trail in mountains on a regular basis for at least five years. There is no formal training or certification available. Expert sledders can only be recognized by other expert sledders. Such recognition may require that they be seen operating in the field. Many sledders over-estimate their own skills or under-estimate the terrain. In mountainous heavy snow conditions, 3 sledders need to work together in order to be able to dig out their machines as they become stuck.
Optimum Minimum 6 responding sledders for worst case role (2 op periods of Wilderness Search). Assuming a 50% availability of a sledder at any given time, a roster of 12 expert-level sledders is needed.
Need Met?No - 10 expert-level sledders currently on roster. Recommendation to Board: Approach other SAR groups: CNP, Sparwood, Fernie.
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