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Skill Details
Mountain Snowmobile SAR Skills Description A range of skills needed to perform snowmobile SAR in mountains. A locally developed course is planned to teach these skills, designed in partnership with an avalanche instructor.

Avalanche safety, hazard recognition, terrain recognition (course to include field trip). Rescue focused. Operating at night with known high hazards.

How to be a better sledder. Survival skills. Equipment.

How to be a better searcher. Why a command structure is needed.

Sled tracking. Allows areas to be eliminated. Similar to man-tracking skill. Avoid destroying track before determining where sledders have gone. Most Expert-Level Mountain Sledders will have this skill. Intermediate-Level sledders should be developing this skill.
Optimum Minimum 80% of the roster of sledders have course within the last 2 years.
Need Met?No -
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