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This task is currently handled by Brett Wuth. It is my intention to eventually redesign this process so it can be done by anyone.


[edit] What It Does

[edit] Each month the database is processed to accomplish

  • creates the Call Out List
  • creates the First Call List, and distributes it via e-mail
  • updates the e-mailing lists (members, board, various committees)
  • creates the personnel records for members whose information has changed: Personnel Record Printing
  • e-mails the membership list to SAR Alberta
  • e-mails the above documents to the Membership Coordinator for printing and distribution
  • sends the First Call List to STARS and the RCMP
  • update access to the website
  • upload lists to Rapid Notify, the automated call-out system

[edit] When requested, the database can be processed to

  • create mailing labels
  • print participation dates

[edit] How To Do It

How To Process Personnel Database

[edit] Future Things To Do

  • Add <Solo> for solo activities, in-line with <Part>
  • Print lines in blank personnel record to be written on.* Reorder fields in printed personnel record
  • see mail/pcsar -> 13 DF Bob Costa Oct23 Brett Wuth personnel record
  • difference between work phone number for emergency contact and for administrative contact
  • Produce a report of whose first aid certification is about to expire

[edit] New Things to Ask For

If you're searching the database by hand for the same information over and over again, it's worthwhile to have a script written (by BrettWuth) to produce a report. As a rule of thumb if you're about to do exactly the same report a second time, give BrettWuth a call and let him scope out how difficult it would be to write a report for you.

If on the other hand you're doing a lot of different queries, all only once, then it would be a good idea to export the data to general purpose database that has a good GUI (graphical) query front-end.

As an aside, I already have and use a simple script that extracts just the current members from the database.

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