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== Login ==
== Login ==
[[ call-back extension login labelled.png|200px|right]]
You can change the destination phone number by going to:
You can change the destination phone number by going to:
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* Password: XXXXXX
* Password: XXXXXX
('''<span style='color: #ba0000;'>B</span>''').
('''<span style='color: #ba0000;'>B</span>''').
[[ call-back extension login labelled.png|200px]]
Get the password from
Get the password from

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You can change which destination phone number, the Call-Back extension is forwarded to. The destination can either be a phone number you specify. Or it can be forwarded to ring all the on-call managers simultaneously.

To change the destination, use this procedure.



You can change the destination phone number by going to:

Click on the word EXTENSION (A).


  • Phone number: 855-727-6825
  • Extension: 200
  • Password: XXXXXX


Get the password from this link, another search manager, call-back person or the Technology Committee. (It's not printed on this public page because it could be abused.)

Click on Login (C).

Main Screen

Once you're logged in you'll be shown the main screen for the Call-Back extension.

On the left side there's a menu. Click on "Settings" (A).

Call Handling Rules

On the left menu under Settings, click on Call Handling Rules (A).

Forwarding to a Phone Number

You can now enter the new number you want the Call-Back number to be forwarded to. (B).

Make sure the "Ring above number for" is set to the maximum 90 seconds (C).

Click on the gear icon for Advanced Configuration (D).

Advanced Configuration

The display will expand to show you the advanced configuration.

Set "Caller ID to show me" to "Caller's ID" so your phone will show who's calling (e.g. the RCMP) (A).

Alternatively you can set it to "Called Number", if you want to set a special ring tone on your phone for calls to the Call-Back number. The number that will show up will actually be 587-315-0065 rather than 403-627-5804 because of our two-step call forwarding configuration.

Set "Voice Tag" to something you'd like the phone to say when it calls you. I use "SAR Call Back". Or leave it blank if you don't care (B).

Set "Screening" to "Off" to have the call go through immediately when you answer (C).

If you set it to "On", you'll hear a message like:

   Hello. Call from 587-315-0065 to "SAR Call Back". Press 1 to accept or 2 to ignore. 

This can be useful if someone else (or an answering machine) might answer your phone and you want the caller to just hear ringing if it's the wrong person.

Forwarding to the On-Call Managers

When we're not in the middle of an incident, the Call-Back Number can be forwarded to all the On-Call Managers. When the number is called, all the manager's phones will ring at once and the first to answer will be connected to the calling party.

This feature is not ready to be deployed. It first must be tested and all on-call managers trained in its usage.

Choose the "Add an Extension" icon (A).

Pick "On-Call Managers (201)" (B).

Save Settings

When you make changes, click on "Save Rule Settings" (D).


Call in to the Call-Back Number (403-627-5804) from another phone and check to see whether your change to the destination number is working.

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