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Model: HP Officejet 6500

I've put PCSAR's replacement photocopier/printer/fax in the old case at the fire hall. It's a fair bit lighter.

Functionality for our use should be straight forward. The only fiddly bit is taking off the lid to lay down maps. You have to open and then close it a bit to get the hinges to release. When you have the lid off, there's still the left edge that you can't hang over. I practiced with a map and it's not bad -- just bend the map up against that edge.



[edit] Maintenance

We need to test the printer once a month. This will also prevent the ink from clogging.

  1. Follow the set up instructions per PCSAR Doc-98 Printer/Photocopier, including printing the test page and photocopying it.
  2. Replace cartridges as necessary.
  3. Report any problems.
  4. Verify have minimum supplies as per PCSAR Doc-98 Printer/Photocopier and contact Administrator to order extras.
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