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[edit] Summary

Requirements for Membership in PCSAR are:

  • Being 18 years of age
  • Applying for membership
  • Wishing to remain a member
  • Approval of the Board, which includes
    • SAR Basics or SAR Fundamentals certification
      • Which has Standard First Aid or higher certification as a co-requisite
    • ICS 100
    • An unblemished criminal records/vulnerable sector check
    • A review of the above and motion to accept the applicant approved by the board

The CRG has its own (more lax) requirements.

[edit] Background

See background: Who sets Membership Policy?, Non-Operational Members

[edit] Authorities

"Terms of admission of members: A Voting Member is any individual who is of the full age of 18 years, has applied to be a Voting Member, indicates the wish to remain a Voting Member, and has the approval of the Board. An individual that no longer meets these requirements is no longer a Voting Member." (Bylaws section 1).

"In order for the society to meet the requirements of the SAR Alberta and the OFC, effective January 1, 2017, continuing membership in the society be based on the provincial requirements of SAR Basics / Fundamentals, ICS 100 and a criminal records check. Individuals who lose their membership as a result of this policy will have their membership automatically reinstated upon achieving the requirements." (Adopted by PCSAR Board 2016-12-06)

"To amend the Criminal Records/Vulnerable Sector Policy to read "Only and unblemished record is acceptable to qualify for membership in Pincher Creek Search ad Rescue." Adopted by PCSAR Board 205-02-17

This includes all policies adopted by the board 2011-01 to 2020-11. Other policies may exist.

[edit] Obsolete

These policies have been rescinded or obsoleted by subsequent policy changes:

"to accept the new members without requiring them to get their criminal record check, and that future approved members will not be required to get a criminal record check until this issue is resolved with the RCMP." (Adopted by PCSAR Board 2011-06-07)

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