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The Preplan Committee is responsible for planning in advance for
The Preplan Committee is responsible for planning in advance for
possible emergencies.
possible emergencies.

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The Preplan Committee is responsible for planning in advance for possible emergencies.

The Preplan Committee assigns managers to take Manager-On-Call for each month.



The Preplan Committee consists of all active search managers along with anyone else who wishes to assist in the work of the committee.

Description Value to PCSAR mandate Difficulty to implement
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0016 fact sheet of the capabilities of cell phone tracking and the protocols to obtain such information medium medium
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0003 Use checklist for subject description medium easy
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0016 didn't let local RCMP, PCES know we were out of service low easy
2021-01-09 Crowsnest Mountain fall/Critque/Sug/0007 On this search, snowmobiles would have got searchers on site very much faster than side by sides. Skis rather than snowshoes would also have been faster after the end of the road. medium easy
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0025 Have equipment out and ready high easy
Preplan/Committee/2015-10-20/Sug/0001 negotiate MOU with Waterton Park medium hard
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0001 Contact Jake for possible manager coverage high done
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0002 Update First Call List medium easy
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0003 Oversee 2017-03-20 Lost Creek Snow Bike post-op high medium
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0004 oversee 2016-11-13 Haig Ridge post-op high medium
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0005 oversee 2016-10-20 Lost Creek Hunter post-op high medium
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0001 complete 2018-02-23 Ground Blizzard post-op high hard
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0007 complete 2017-03-20 Lost Creek Snow Bike post-op high hard
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-02-16/Sug/0003 Provide code to access Rave Academy training high done
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-11-16/Sug/0016 Brett to send Lynn the list of resources prepared by Roy Davidson for BC south of Corbin medium done
  • Eric Bruder
    • talk to CNP people about availability of expert level sledders for our roster
    • encourage snowmobile roster members to add hitch
    • help develop Snowmobile Mountain SAR course


The Preplan Committee is the locus within Pincher SAR of technical expertise on responding to incidents.

It is responsible for developing and setting Preplans, Standard Operating Policies, Protocols and Best Practices related to the types of incidents Pincher SAR is likely to respond to.


Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 19:00-21:00 at the Fire Hall. (Should show on Calendar).


The preplan committee has its own mailing list for members to send e-mail to the attention of all the preplan committee members. See PCSAR Preplan Mailing List.


The Preplan Committee has dozens tasks on its plate. We often received and review new tasks.

Tasks Currently Being Worked On

Distribute to other committees


Tasks Awaiting Non-committee Work


Tasks To Be Worked On

Issues to be discussed as committee (may become Tasks)


Tasks that Won't Be Done

Tasks that we've decided don't need to be done or shouldn't be done. We keep the task descriptions in case we decide to change our minds or need to be reminded of what we decided.

Completed Tasks

We keep these task descriptions around because at some future time we will probably have to revisit them. And to show what we've accomplished.


The preplan committee oversees a large collection of documents used operationally by the organization.

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