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Suggestion #2: Improved heating system for SARCAR

Committee handling: preplan
Value to PCSAR mandate: high
Difficulty to implement: medium


Idling burns gas. Noisy.

Option 1:

RV heater. Use 20 or 30lb bottle of propane. Can be ducted (fan forced, e.g. into the back) or not.

Compartment in back driver side for propane, vented to outside.

Have to idle the bus to use existing heaters. With wind, risk of carbon monoxide.

Can extend exhaust to take it further away.

Self contained, don't have to set up other stuff (like generator).

RV heater would be much quieter

Would have to get professional installer. material guess: $1200.

Total guess: $2500.

Reluctant to sink too much money in heating system in old bus.

Option 2: Electric

Consider portable electric heaters and bigger generator.

To Do: Ron to get idea of costs.

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