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The Preplan Committee Chair is appointed by the Board considering the recommendation of the Preplan Committee.

The current co-chairs are Brett Wuth and Janet Jones. Past chairs have been Eric Bruder, Bryan Sundberg, Janet Jones, Brett Wuth.

[edit] Tasks

  • Report to the BoardCommittee
  • Track the membership of the committee
  • Encourage committee members to participate in committee work
  • provide participation records to MembershipCoordinator (including subcommittees)
  • Organize the committee meetings
    • Book the firehall for meetings. You can just write the date on the whiteboard at the firehall; if there is a conflict, they will contact you. You can call Elaine on live phone (627-5333). E-mail is ineffective. (done for March 22)
    • Give a reminder phone call prior to each meeting
  • Prepare minutes of PreplanCommittee and distribute to PreplanCommittee and BoardCommittee
  • Track Committee Tasks (I'm doing this on the PreplanCommittee page.)
    • Keep a list of each task that has been assigned to the committee, or the committee has chosen to take on.
    • Describe each task
    • Estimate amount of time for each task
    • Determine the priority order of tasks
    • Keep track of the status of each task.
    • Collect and organize result of each completed task. (Place in a binder.)
  • Keep the EmergencyCallers informed of who is ManagerOnCall for each month
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