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[edit] Issues to be discussed as committee (may become Tasks)

  • SignInFormsTask
  • increasing complexity of expanding SOP's
  • level of participation of committee members
  • terms of reference for committee
  • how to deal with staggered arrivals
  • Roles and responsibilities of all jobs
  • familiarize all to all forms, tools, procedures, etc.
  • overlapping of overhead teams to ensure smooth transition between ops periods
  • dealing with multiple lost person searches
  • dealing with family conflicts
  • mandated rest periods for OH team members
  • implementing a handbook for OH team members
  • when to place specialized rescue teams on standby (e.g. K-Country / Heli-sling; Waterton Park teams / Cavers)
  • Disaster Preplan: what is the level of readiness we need to maintain?
  • Should we have a whiteboard for the search's organization chart, with boxes and positions permanently labelled?
  • Need for helicopter LZ training?
  • Should every searcher have an FRS radio? Should there be a protocol to call over FRS every 15 minutes when in trouble?
  • Should every searcher have flare gun/pen with flares and bear bangers?
  • track which members have extra snowmobile helmet, avalanche transciever, probe, shovel.
  • Could all the equipment that might be needed in the cabinet be in 3 red boxes so it's clear what must go into the bus?
  • Should a key for the firehall be stored in the SARCAR?
  • Should there be a standard list on the outside of the SARCAR reminding participants that we have a stock of: batteries, gloves, flagging tape, ... ?
  • SAT phone numbers, call-back written permanently on bus?
  • Need for familiarization with sat phone, instructions, phone number taped to SAT phone?
  • Need to practice setting up the command post?
  • Why do we generally not have power to run the photocopier? Do we need to set up generator always? Should we or can we install the power inverter? What is the risk to the battery and alternator? We discussed whether to ge a heated cabinet for the bus so that the photocopier could be stored there. Would it be possible to get a school shop class to build? Or could we pay someone to build it for us?
  • Can we generate statistics from our own searches? Could we get a grant to have a summer student work through our files?
  • Should there be a form for debriefing search subjects after they are found? See IncidentSummaryFormTask
  • Inventory and organize maps in SARCAR drawer 2
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