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* [[/Reminder|typical announcement]]. [[/mtg|Template]]
* [[/Reminder|typical announcement]]. [[/mtg|Template]]
* 2021: {{/mtg|2021|02|16}}, {{/mtg|2021|03|16}}, {{/mtg|2021|04|21}}, {{/mtg|2021|05|18}}, {{/mtg|2021|06|15}}, {{/mtg|2021|09|08}}, {{/mtg|2021|10|19}
* 2021: {{/mtg|2021|02|16}}, {{/mtg|2021|03|16}}, {{/mtg|2021|04|21}}, {{/mtg|2021|05|18}}, {{/mtg|2021|06|15}}, {{/mtg|2021|09|08}}, {{/mtg|2021|10|19}, {{/mtg|2021|10|19}}
* 2020:
* 2020:
* 2019: {{/mtg|2019|09|17}}, {{/mtg|2019|11|19}}
* 2019: {{/mtg|2019|09|17}}, {{/mtg|2019|11|19}}

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Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 19:00-21:00 at the Fire Hall. (Should show on Calendar).

Adding a new meeting

Quick instructions on adding a new meeting:

  • Click on "edit" at the top of the page
  • Add a link to the meeting by inserting text of the form:

Where YYYY is the year (e.g. 2021), MM is the month (e.g. 06 -- use a leading 0 to make the month 2 digits long), and DD is the day (again with leading 0 if necessary)

  • Click on "Save page"
  • The new link will appear in red. Click on it to start creating the page for the meeting.
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