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Will answering a question "off the record" keep your answer confidential?

No. The media may have different ground rules than you.


What are the four external "influences" one may encounter during a SAR incident?

  • family
  • media
  • politicians
  • psychics


What should you do if you encounter someone from the media in the field?

Refer them to the command post to the media liaison person.


How should you deal with family of the subject in SAR?

  • don't ignore
  • meet their needs
  • keep family informed and show them what's being done
  • assign one person to assist the family
  • encourage, but don't build false hopes
  • keep available to identify clues


Why would you not want family members to help with the searching?

  • They may act unsafely due to their emotional state
  • They need to be available to identify clues and provide information about the subject


How many SAR workers are normally designated to talk to the media?

Usually 1, the Public Information Officer, who often is a police officer.

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