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19:00-22:00 evening

SAR Fundamentals issues

Issues related to mock search from SAR Fundamentals perspectives

  • small groups of students, typically 2-4 students
  • Please use the current version of our forms, as these are the ones we teach from.
  • if available, each group of students has one experienced searcher with them
  • emphasize to experienced searcher that unlike previous training, Type 1 search is fast, hussle, no purposeful wandering
  • Use call signs according to current SAR Alberta communications standard. Instead of Team Alpha, Team Bravo, it's S1 (Sierra 1), S2 (Sierra 2).
  • each student gets a chance to take Team Leader role
    • scheduled switching, called by overhead team
  • groups are ghosted by an evaluator
  • ghosts can teach, but shouldn't participate
  • ghosts may wander between student teams if there's not enough of them
  • ghosts should have a separate radio channel to the overhead team, search planners
  • ghosts should have map of segment boundaries
  • Students tend to want to know in the critique the exact location of clues not found on mock

Suggestion for future mock searches:

  • ...
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