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18:30-22:00 evening

[edit] General design

See "Mock Search Organizing" for general recommendations on organizing a mock search.

[edit] SAR Fundamentals issues

Issues related to mock search from SAR Fundamentals perspectives

  • Please use the current version of our forms, as these are the ones we teach from.
    • Please check website for current forms; somehow we seem to be using old ones.
  • small groups of students, typically 2-4 students
  • if available, each group of students has one experienced searcher with them
  • emphasize to experienced searcher that unlike previous training, Type 1 search is fast, hustle, no purposeful wandering
  • task assignments and briefing to teams should be very clear on whether Type 1 or Type 2 search is being requested
  • Use call signs according to the current SAR Alberta communications standard. Instead of Team Alpha, Team Bravo, it's S1 (Sierra 1), S2 (Sierra 2) for ground searchers.
  • each student gets a chance to take Team Leader role
    • scheduled switching, called by overhead team
  • please use term "segment" instead of "zone"
  • groups are ghosted by an evaluator
  • ghosts can teach, but shouldn't participate
  • ghosts may wander between student teams if there's not enough of them
  • ghosts should have a separate radio channel to the overhead team, search planners
  • ghosts should have map of segment boundaries
  • Students tend to want to know in the critique the exact location of clues not found on mock
  • would be beneficial to be able to distinguish students from experienced searchers from ghosts from actors / spontaneous volunteers. Pehaps by giving everyone vest of different colour or armbands of different colour SAR tape
  • Please check the list of skills that the students don't have yet (scheduled for last day of class). If the mock will expect the students to know this material, we can reschedule it to be prior to the mock. Examples have been dealing with actors playing agressive/angry and seeded spontaneous volunteers being totally unprepared. This type of material could instead be directed to a team that does not include students.

Suggestion for future mock searches:

  • ...
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