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[edit] Material covered

SAR Fundamentals Manual:
  • Ch.3 "Organization: The Incident Command System"
  • Appendix E "Incident Command System (ICS) Glossary"
Basic SAR Skills Manual:
  • Ch.12 "Search Management Crucials"
  • F-13 "Search Management Actions"
  • F-14 "ICS Orientation"

[edit] Time alloted


  • 2011-02: 11:04-11:48: 0.7h
  • 2013-02: 30 min

[edit] Lesson plan

Key points:

  • In Pincher Creek area, typically the Incident Commander is a civilian search manager, reporting to the ICS role "Agency Executive" from the tasking agency.

See lesson plan (download/print: .pdf; edit: .odt)

Exercise Incident Command

[edit] Aids

[edit] Question bank

See Question bank

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