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Work to do in preparation for course

  • pick dates
    • consult with organizer of mock search
  • create wiki pages
  • customize the announcement
  • distribute the announcement as indicated
  • find co-instructors/volunteers
    • recruit critique chair
  • facilitator
    • book room
      • arrange wireless access at classroom
    • book riding arena for Type 4 search
    • pick up room key
    • bring refreshments
    • arrange snacks and/or lunches
    • pick up lunches
  • prepare instructional material
    • organize mock search
      • invite PCSAR mock participants
    • develop case studies (Komlodi, Koopmans)
    • set up ICS 100 exam
    • break up navigation sections -- 4 hour long loses student concentration
    • set up review section
    • organize folder, overhead slides for each section
    • need short filler material (approx 15 min each) when get through material ahead of time
      • consider anecdotes
      • consider short presentation on material not normally included
    • incorporate being on time as part of the training
  • create a contingency plan for SAR being called out during course
  • arrange for and prepare the aids (support material) for each section
    • handouts for each section
  • prior to each weekend
    • email reminder of prep for conditions
    • pick up GPSs
    • pick up VHF & FRS radios
    • verify multimedia setup
      • pick up overhead projector
      • queue powerpoint presentations
      • configure to play videos from laptop
    • get overhead box
      • get hanging white sheets
    • get maps from SARCAR
    • stretcher, webbing for lashing, carry
    • arrange for and prepare the aids (support material) for each section
    • print course schedules for instructors
  • update this generic list from the course's list
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