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contents and an introductory note.
contents and an introductory note.
See {{link|Search Manager/Kit/Distribution}} of Copies:
See {{link|Search Manager/Kit/Distribution}} of Copies.
==To Do==
==To Do==

Current revision

A standard binder for each manager.

See Introduction, for the table of contents and an introductory note.

See Distribution of Copies.

[edit] To Do

  • add overhead roles
  • reformat Eric's overhead roles (see Preplan Binder)
  • add Avalanche stuff (colour code 4 or 5 leves of danger; phone numbers) -- Roy has
  • add BC Resources
  • add Topo map index key map

[edit] Log

  • 2005-02-01 00:28 MST Brett Wuth (via web):PreplanCommittee decided zippable binders not needed.
  • 2005-07-19: Add introduction page. Update to current (2005-07-17) version of SAR Alberta Emergency Contact List.
  • 2005-08-21 14:17 MST Brett Wuth (via web): Add Doc-16
  • 2005-12-01 19:52 MST Brett Wuth (via web): Redistribute updated doc-67.
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