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(Standard Procedures)
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* October, 2013: Janet Jones
* October, 2013: Janet Jones
* November, 2013: [[Brett Wuth]]
* November, 2013: [[Brett Wuth]]
* December, 2013: Ron Hann
* January, 2014: [[Brett Wuth]]
==Standard Procedures==
==Standard Procedures==

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Managers on Call

  • Past Managers-On-Call (for trends)
  • January, 2013: Claus Burchert, coached by Brett Wuth
  • February, 2013: Janet Jones
  • March, 2013: Ron Hann
  • April, 2013: Brett Wuth
  • August, 2013: Janet Jones
  • September, 2013: Janet Jones
  • October, 2013: Janet Jones
  • November, 2013: Brett Wuth
  • December, 2013: Ron Hann
  • January, 2014: Brett Wuth

Standard Procedures

The assigned Manager-on-call arranges for themselves or some other manager to be available for every day of their month. Being available means the manager is within 30 minutes of the town of Pincher Creek during night time hours. The assigned Manager-on-call lets the Call Out Committee Chair know who is taking on-call.

At the start of the month, the Manager-on-call

  • contacts the previous Manager-on-call, confirming hand off and checking on any outstanding issues
  • Change the Call-Back Number to be forwarded to you.
  • tests our primary emergency contact number, 627-2262, by calling the number and informing the people that answer (STARS) that "this is Pincher Creek Search and Rescue. I'm performing the monthly test of our emergency phone line. Do you have information on how to get a hold of us?"
  • Contacts the Call-Out Committee Chair reminding her that you're the Manager-on-call and determining if any of the Call-Out Committee members will be unavailable for significant periods during the month.
  • Contacts the Equipment Committee Chair to determine if any equipment is likely to be out of service during the month and confirm that regular inspection/maintenance is done.
  • send an e-mail to saying that you're the manager-on-call for the month.
Subject: On-Call Manager

Just wanted to let you know that I will be the On-Call Manager for

As always, if you become the first member aware of an incident, take
charge until a manager can take over, contact the police, and contact
a search manager.  The on-call manager can be reached at 627-5804 or
through STARS at 627-2262.
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