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Record a description of training events that have occurred




? hours

Assigned to

Brett Wuth

[edit] Rationale

used to validate members are being appropriately trained

[edit] Details

For every training event that we host, we should record a description of what the training event included. This will allow us to determine later which members have what training.

For a typical two-hour training session like we have with our regular monthly meetings, a two sentence description would be sufficient.

Alternatively, if the instructor provided a set of slides, an outline, or a hand-out that really describes what the training event covered, there may be no need to write anything just upload or link to the related material.

All the training events should be listed in our Calendar. It's a different person's task to keep the calendar up to date, but if the event isn't listed, you can add it.

The event listing in the calendar should link to a page all about the event. That page should have a section labelled "Record" where you can include your description or upload the material from the training event.

[edit] To do

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