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[edit] Booking

Meeting location, date, time and duration.

  • 2016-04-22 19:00 by phone

[edit] Participants

List who should participate and indicate for each person whether they've been invited, have confirmed or declined, and attended.

[edit] Agenda

Purpose of meeting or detailed agenda.

  • brainstorm tools for inventory (done)
  • ideas of what the committee should work on (done)
  • D4H bot password (done)

[edit] Handouts

Any related documents distributed before or during the meeting.

[edit] Minutes

Rough notes or formal minutes of the meeting.


  • MonoDB
  • semantic mediawiki

Equipment Committee

  • Bill


  • would have to expand who has access to system
  • has good list of typical fields
  • risk of severed relationship
  • not integrated into wiki
  • cross-links to wiki - not active, no field type for HTML or URL
  • chance that we might not have D4H

trickle strategy

to do:

  • verify that D4H equipment can be fully exported (or at least all that's important to us)
  • request custom field type for clickable URLs

  • plan inventory tool
    • select tool: by May 3
    • trial run: firehall cabinet
  • moving pcsar server to commercial host
    • not necessarily Canadian host
    • consider in Lethbridge
    • upgrade the distribution
    • better DNS
  • orientation to RapidNotify
  • orientation to
  • hand-off access to server (root)
  • examine whether cheaper phone configurations (627-2262)

  • Develop plan for provincial digital radio system
  • investigate adding LASARA channel to PCSAR radios
  • email services
    • email portal webmail
    • email archive accessible to members
    • consider google for business
  • custom mapping
    • standard search segments
    • can we use front end tools that don't require much training
  • GPS data integration
    • download data from members GPS's or PCSAR's GPS's
    • load GPS with waypoints, route, base map, or segment area (geofence)
  • examine cost of sat phones and alternatives
  • inReach
    • how to integrate member's inReach devices into search
    • plan increase in number of team inReach devices
    • automating inReach rate changes
  • computer in MCP
    • dedicated
  • data connectivity at MCP

setting priorities

  • what saves money
  • what creates most impact
  • what offloads work from people that are busy


  • investigate simple creation search polygons (segment boundaries)
  • what will it take to set up dedicated machine to collect GPS data

[edit] Suggestions

List suggestions for future actions that came up during this meeting.

#SuggestionReferred to
0001determine how much of D4H equipment data can be easily exportedtechnology
0002request D4H custom field type for clickable URLtechnology
0003Show tech committee how to support RapidNotifytechnology
0004Show tech committee how to support Phone.comtechnology
0005provide technology committee root access to servertechnology

[edit] Expenses

Receipts related to the meeting.

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