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This is the documentation for the template Template:Demo row

Template:Demo row/Doc:

This template is used to add an example (one row) to a Template:Demo table.

The call is of the form:

{{demo row|<nowiki>what you type</nowiki>|what you get}}

As also illustrated in Template:Demo's documentation, If your example doesn't include any template calls, you can use the simpler format:

{{demo row|what you type}}

For example:

{{demo table|
{{demo row|I want ''this in italic''}}
{{demo row|<nowiki>{{estimate|8h|5h}}</nowiki><!--
-->       |        {{estimate|8h|5h}} }}

To get:

You type... You get...
I want ''this in italic'' 
I want this in italic
(estimate 8h, so far 5h)

If you don't use nowiki's, the template will be expanded in the "You type" section.

For clarity the first and second use of the demonstration text are aligned under each other. That way when you are editing the text, you can see that they are character identical. In order to avoid an extra blank line, the line break is commented out with <!-- ... -->.

To see how this template is implemented, edit this page and examine the portion between <includeonly> and </includeonly>.

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