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Include it by saving a blank page with
Include it by saving a blank page with
{{Subst:Training Subject}}
{{Subst:Training subject}}

Current revision

This is a template for pages that describe a subject or level of training. Include it by saving a blank page with

{{Subst:Training subject}}

If you do, what you'll then get is this:

This page is based on the Training subject template.

Use that template to make similar pages.


[edit] Description

Describe what this training is about.


  • evening training
  • certificate course

[edit] Need

[edit] Sources

List where this training can be obtained. Instructors that can be brought in. Courses that can be gone to.

[edit] Material

Include copies of the training material. E.g., syllubus, manuals, hand-outs, critique suggestions.

[edit] Financial

Possible costs, funding applications.

[edit] Runnings

Link to the runnings of this training that we track. E.g. courses we've put on or sent people to.

[edit] Reports

This section is for future use. The raw data for the reports has not yet been entered in the required format.

The following 0 roles and people require this training:

This training is recommended for these 0 roles and people:

These 0 people already have this training:

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