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== Sources ==
== Sources ==
{{Training Subject/Sources}} <!-- keep this line -->
{{Training Subject/Sources}} <!-- keep this line -->
== Funding ==
{{Training Subject/Funding}} <!-- keep this line -->
== Material ==
== Material ==

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This is a template for pages that describe a subject or level of training. Include it by saving a blank page with

{{Subst:Training Subject}}

If you do, what you'll then get is this:

This page is based on the Training subject template.

Use that template to make similar pages.



Describe what this training is about.



List where this training can be obtained. Instructors that can be brought in. Courses that can be gone to.


Possible costs, funding applications.


Include copies of the training material. E.g., syllubus, manuals, hand-outs, critique suggestions.


Link to the runnings of this training that we track. E.g. courses we've put on or sent people to.


This section is for future use. The raw data for the reports has not yet been entered in the required format.

The following 0 roles and people require this training:

This training is recommended for these 0 roles and people:

These 0 people already have this training:

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