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2004-02-03 suggested in wilderness first aid course that each field team carry a Thermarest

full length

used for splinting

used to keep warm

used for spine immobilization, support

2004-04-27 MedicalPreplanCommittee recommends obtain a Thermarest for the stokes stretcher

2004-04-27 PreplanCommittee accepts recommendation

2004-06-15 BoardCommittee accepts recommendation

2005-02 completed. Have 2.

[edit] 2004-10-26 MedicalPreplanCommittee recommends:

Thermarest and Sleeping Bag Packaging Techniques. At the recent Wilderness First Aid Course, the attendees learned a unique method of packaging a subject for evacuation. Basically, the subject is placed on a Thermarest which is then wrapped around him/her with strapping or ropes, following which the Thermarest is inflated. It provides comfort and a means of spinal immobilization. The subject can be handled and transported using just the Thermarest. If the weather is cool or cold, a sleeping bag can be placed over the whole package. PCSAR should have this equipment to provide one set to up to five field teams.

  • Recommendation:That PCSAR acquire 5 Thermarest (or equivalent) mattresses of

appropriate design and size.

2004-10-26 PreplanCommittee endorses recommendation to the Board (sets quantity to 5).

[edit] To Do:

  • Equip stokes stretcher
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