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[edit] Major work areas

See Work areas

[edit] Committee members' tasks

[edit] Not assigned

  • determine major training needs(task)
  • Apply for training grants(task)

[edit] Brett

[edit] Yvonne

[edit] Ali

[edit] Laverine

[edit] Mike

[edit] Russ

[edit] Dick

[edit] Smaller tasks

Suitable for new committee members

  • take a particular month's regular training, contact a trainer and arrange for them to present, support the presenter as required
  • facility support (class room set up) for a particular course
  • snack/lunch/beverage support for a particular course
  • registrar for a particular course
  • mock search support - planting clues, being a rabbit or mock witness
  • arrange a hike

[edit] Suggestions


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