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  • evening training
  • certificate course

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Suggestion Value to PCSAR mandate Difficulty to implement Description
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug13 not rated not rated Recommend first aid review
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0008 not rated not rated training in SAR Fund class didn't prep for packaging
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0039 high not rated decision making around patient transport
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0009 high medium Subject removal and evacuation planning.

First Aid

  • Cover basic Primary/Secondary Survey
  • Also packaging the patient
  • Patient transport
    • Use of spinal restrictions, C-Spine, Spine board, head blocks/blanket
    • Protecting patient from environment: burrito wrap
    • Types of stretchers
    • Stretcher packaging
    • Patient tie-in
    • Stretcher lashing
    • Stretcher tie-in
    • Stretcher handling

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