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[edit] Description

Describe what this training is about.


  • evening training
  • certificate course

[edit] Need

[edit] Sources

List where this training can be obtained. Instructors that can be brought in. Courses that can be gone to.

[edit] Material

Include copies of the training material. E.g., syllubus, manuals, hand-outs, critique suggestions.

Suggestion Value to PCSAR mandate Difficulty to implement Description
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug35 not rated not rated Need clarity when 2 teams come under one team leader
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug13 medium not rated Discussion of degree of discretion to work outside assigned segment. Suggest need for clarification of when should talk to command post vs. decide on own.
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0010 high medium clarify roles and command structure/hierarchy when several agencies are involved in/responding to the same incident.
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0021 high easy No PCSAR team leader in the field.

  • JIBC TL video
    • 41 minutes
    • good video for thought provoking experienced leaders
    • not good for general membership because several prominent but minor flaws
    • clips could be used for various purposes
    • actors feels overly structured, distracts from message
    • longer preparation before deployment
    • BC TL standard
    • interoperability
    • SMEAC breafing
    • Phase 1: Planning & Preparation
      • Initial Preparation
      • Assistant TL
      • Review Map
      • Time Assessment
      • Select Briefing Area
      • Initial Plan
      • Prepare ATL briefing
        • General Situation
        • Mission: who what, where, POD
        • Personnel - ATL to get qualification
        • Team Briefieng - Quiet and protected area
        • Equipment Needed
        • Special Instructions
      • Detailed Planning
        • Detailed Map Review
        • Detailed Time Estimate
        • Detailed Plan by Phase
        • Forward Planning
        • SMEAC
    • Phase 2: Move to Mission Area
    • Phase 3: Complete the Mission
    • Phase 4: Return to Base
    • Phase 5: Post-Mission Procedures
      • Debriefing the Team
      • Report ot SAR Management Team
      • Report back to Team

[edit] Financial

Possible costs, funding applications.

[edit] Runnings

Link to the runnings of this training that we track. E.g. courses we've put on or sent people to.

[edit] Reports

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