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== Funding ==
== Funding ==
{{Training Subject/Funding}} <!-- keep this line -->
{{Training Subject/Funding}} <!-- keep this line -->
* funding may be available under the [[Ground Search and Rescue Program]]
* [[Members:Training/Funded/2017/Application/Wilderness First Aid]]
* [[Members:Training/Funded/2017/Application/Wilderness First Aid]]
* [[Members:Training/Funded/2016/Application/Wilderness First Aid]]
* [[Members:Training/Funded/2016/Application/Wilderness First Aid]]

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Describe what this training is about.

Wilderness First Aid is advanced training that deals with supporting a casualty in a wilderness setting.

The course delivered varies significantly depending on the supplier.

Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Our basic level of Wilderness & Remote First Aid & CPR is for individuals who recreate or live in isolated or wilderness settings and need to respond to emergencies when advanced care is not immediately available. The course covers material in Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR plus special material on techniques for wilderness and remote areas as well as offers strategies to provide extended care for up to 24 hours.



List where this training can be obtained. Instructors that can be brought in. Courses that can be gone to.


Possible costs, funding applications.

Funding rationale:

Wilderness First Aid is an essential skill for our members who can face the possibility of being with an injured subject (or team member) for an extended period of time. This becomes a more likely scenario in our mountainous regions where due to extremely high winds helicopters often are not able to fly. Our identified instructor teaches Red Cross's material with a special eye to SAR requirements.


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