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(Additional/Priority Tasks)
(Additional/Priority Tasks)
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== Additional/Priority Tasks ==
== Additional/Priority Tasks ==
file highest priority to [http://doc/mediawiki/index.php/User:Brett#To_Do Brett's master list]
file highest priority to [http://doc/mediawiki/index.php/User:Brett#To_Do Brett's master list]
* arrange critique
* file action items from [[:Category:review/Brett Wuth]]
* file action items from [[:Category:review/Brett Wuth]]
* (repeat) [[HowToProcessMembershipDatabase|Update the Membership Database]]
* (repeat) [[HowToProcessMembershipDatabase|Update the Membership Database]]

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This is a page about my involvement in Pincher SAR. I'll try to list the various tasks that I do here so they'll be documented for when someone else takes over.

You can e-mail me at or phone me at 403 627-2460.


Current Positions

Running Notes

see /Running Notes


see /Expenses

Additional/Priority Tasks

file highest priority to Brett's master list

  • PCSAR STARS agreement
  • record preplan 2010-10 critique actions
  • merge process from Preplan Committee priorities
    • action item updates from critique review notes msg Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 21:41:01 -0600
    • add 2009-09-19-Perry critique to preplan tasks
    • next highest item from PreplanCommittee priorities
  • update radio lesson plan from feedback
  • create training task list
    • sign up for Call-Out video access
      • e-mail Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 07:53:17 -0700
  • foothills sar team leader course feedback
  • Sat phone instruction card
  • research WCB coverage for non-members, spontaneous volunteers
    • e-mailed Mark Murphy 2008-12-08
      • waiting for response
    • report to board
  • post equipment readying list
  • Lethbridge dispatch have our contact numbers
  • my radio
    • learn how to lock channels on my radio
    • Program Temp frequencies into Ham
 see message:
      Ian Bullock.      Sep 9 Brett Wuth     Temp Radio Freq
  add 153.470 MHz used by LASARA
  • practice pulling equipment trailer with my Jeep
  • equipment prep
    • Prepare search manager's binder for keeping in my Jeep.
    • Evaluate suggested first aid equipment: crazy glue, hockey tape
    • set up personal food ready for call
    • recommend pack snow goggles
    • Hand Sanitizer, small bottle
    • toilet paper
    • very small stove
    • dental floss
    • bin of stuff for "What if"'s
      • sleeping bag (car camping)
      • high power night light 6V
      • stove, spare fuel
      • batteries
      • "pristine" water chemical purifier
      • extra clothes, under wear
      • food
      • hatchet
      • dishes
      • toothbrush, paste
      • spare water
      • tracking gear
  • simplify editing Membership Database records for member self-maintenance
  • next highest Membership Database task
  • take the online avalanche course (minimum PEP) at
  • publish document updates
  • sort, organize and file SAR Fund course material
  • copy rest of my files onto
wuth@macbook:~/sar/pc$ rsync -avz . wuth@pcsar:sar/pc
  • Bree: Tom Ross, and Kyle Rast will be available for avalanche condition advise.
  • board recommends: Fernie SAR joint meeting with preplan.
  • Bree recommends: Training on analog SOS avalanche transcievers.
  • incident files
    • log 4 call-outs in Dec., 2 Jan 1 from 2009-01 board meeting notes
    • write up incident 2008-11-17
    • January/March critiques
    • see message:
        Roy Davidson      May 6 Brett Wuth     Re: critique to committees
    • organize paper files (see SAR boxes)
    • 2004-03-07 Wind Storm Road Block
    • Follow up critique suggestions for May mock search
  • File/publish SOP's
 see message:
      Roy Davidson      Apr28 <> SOP's

see messages:

      Cindy Heselton    Feb17 <searchmanager Missing Person Profile Form
      Cindy Heselton    Feb17 <searchmanager SAR104 Team Assignment Form
      Cindy Heselton    Feb17 <searchmanager SAR104 Team Assignment Form
    • Critique form

see message:

      Roy Davidson      Jul23 <> Critique
  • review RCMP SAR document
    • 2009-04-27 Message-Id: <>
  • Review CALSARA's team leader course see message:
      Cindy Heselton    Jun 3 <sara-traincoo [SARA-TrainCoords] CALSARA Team Leader Course
  • Evaluate possibility of generating lost person statistics for ATV. Cornell requires 24 data points.
  • long distant detection of avalanche beacon see message Fred Van Driel Feb13 Brett Wuth, Ga Re: Foothills ARES & Pincher Cr. SAR
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