Pincher Creek SAR Member Involvement

Pincher Creek SAR is very appreciative of the ways you support the organization. We try to make it easy for you to contribute to the degree that you feel comfortable. This document is a summary of the ways you can be involved in Pincher SAR. The details are in the policies adopted by the organization. You can get a copy of those policies by asking any board member.

To maintain your basic membership (associate membership), you must be involved in one activity of any nature, in support of Pincher SAR at least once a year. That could be a meeting, a search, a training exercise, a course, a task or anything else like that.

General meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 19:00 (7:00 pm) for a few minutes before the training. To be able to vote at general meetings, you need to have attended two general meetings in the last 12 months. Voting membership is approved, usually automatically, by the board.

Elections for the board are held in October. Any voting member can run and is highly encouraged.

To be called for a search, you need to maintain your SAR Fundamentals certification. The certification course is held over 2 weekends once a year. You can also attend a course outside of Pincher Creek. To maintain your certification, you need to participate in two searches or mock searches every year.

In order to be called about training activities or be called for a search you must keep your contact information up to date with the Membership Coordinator. Your contact, as well as other types of information, is in the Membership binder which is available at meetings. Always keep that info up to date. If you don't have an answering system, you may miss some messages. Regular monthly information is commonly circulated via email. Be sure to include that address if you have one.

There are many things we do to keep the organization able to do its work in the field. If you feel interested in any of these areas, your help will be appreciated. Let any board member know, and they can help you get involved.

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Brett Wuth
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