Pincher Creek Search and Rescue Society

Policy Issue Title: Training Classification of Members


To define the classification and treatment of Members for training purposes.

Status of this Document

2003-09-23 The policy described in this document is currently in force.


In 2001 the board formed a Membership Committee to propose policies related to the classification of members. Its recommendations were presented in August, 2001 and adopted by the board and membership in October, 2001.


It takes effort and organizational resources to provide training opportunities and to keep members informed of those opportunities. Not all members make use of the training opportunities. Policy can determine to which members training effort and resources should be directed.


No details of the analysis have been recorded.

Active Policies

The following policies are active.

[P1] Active Policy

For training purposes, members are classified as either "Called for Training" or "Not Called for Training". [A1]

Members Called For Training are given a monthly reminder call about training meetings and exercises. [A1,R1]

Members Called For Training must: [A1]

Alternative Policies

No alternative policies have been recorded.


[A1] current Board Resolution 2001-10-02 motion X:

Be it moved that the Memebership Policies and the Quorum Policies be accepted as presented by the Membership Committee in their report dated Aug 9, 2001.


[R1] We want to encourage training. A reminder call about training will increase the number of people getting training. The call normally will be combined with the reminder call about meetings.

[R2] If the member cannot commit to attend two training sessions a year, it is not worth the caller's effort to call the member monthly.


Evaluation of policy by Membership Committee: recommended