2018-10-02 regular training


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[edit] Announcement

Include or link to the announcement for this event.

[edit] Booking

Event location, date, time and duration.

[edit] File number

How is this event identified? E.g., give the D4H/POC/ARRC number.

[edit] Agenda

Purpose of the event or detailed agenda/schedule.

Tuesday Oct 2. I suggest setting up a follow the flag exercise similar to the ones Chris does. I can come out a weekend prior and set it up, get you to test it out. You could introduce the exercise in the regular training timeslot, but leave it up for a couple of weeks for those that couldn't make it or prefer self paced. All we need is a reasonably weather proof container (I think I have an old dry bag with a blown seal that could be duct taped up into service) with some prizes. Usually Chris will put together random items LASARA needs to clear out anyways - first aid supplies. Books to be handed out, flagging tape etc. That and a notebook for members to log that they found it.

[edit] Participants

Record here who is interested in attending and indicate for each person whether they've been confirmed or declined, and attended/completed the event.

  • Presenter: Matt

[edit] Record

Include or link here any record of the event, such as brief description, rough notes, photos, media coverage.

[edit] Equipment

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[edit] Financial

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[edit] Feedback

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[edit] To do

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