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PCSAR has an automated call-out system, RapidNotify, where a computer simultaneously dials the members and plays a message alerting them to the event. Texts and e-mails can also be sent.

[edit] Accessing the system

Follow this link:

When calling into the 800 number to record your outgoing template you should use one of these templates. Write down the message you want to send before calling it in, so that a clearer message with hesitations is produced.

PCSAR has been placed on standby for a possible search for a missing and injured motorcyclist on the Blood Reserve near highway 2.

We could be asked to assists Lethbridge SAR tonight or tomorrow morning.

We would need ground searcher, vehicle searchers, quad and overhead team members.

Let us know if you can come either tonight or tomorrow morning by calling the call-back 403-627-5804. We will then contact you if we are formally tasked.

Bring: ready pack, rain gear, headlamps, flashlights. Winter gear

Terrain is: open roads, prairie, agricultural land.

Weather forecast: low of 6 deg C tonight, high of 9 tomorrow. 35 km/h wind.

Expect to be in the field overnight or for most of the day tomorrow.

If you need to discuss your response, call the call-back: 403-627-5804.

Emergency Template

This is a Search and Rescue emergency message as of _________ (date & time). We have been tasked for a search for ________ (e.g. elderly woman, 4 yr old, 3 snowmobilers). The type of searchers required are___________. Searchers will be mustering at__________(location) at __________________ (time). Check your email for details. If you need to discuss your participation, call 403-627-5804.

PCSAR on standby 4 search 4 injured motorcyclist Blood Reserve. Call 627-5804 if available tonight or in morning

This is a message from Rapid Notify. We have detected that this is an answering machine. If this is actually a human, please press 1.

The message has ended, if you wish to hear the message again, remain on the line. Otherwise just hang up.

To listen to this message again press 1. If you can respond to this alert press 9. If you are unable to respond this alert, press 6.

Using your numeric keypad enter the number of minutes it will take you to respond and the press the # sign. To step back one level press the * key.

You have entered 0 minutes. If this is correct press the # key. To step back one level press the * key.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Test Messages Template

This is a test message for search & rescue. There is no need to respond. This is a test only.

[edit] Deployment

  • (done) set up Rapid Notify subaccount
  • (done) automate updating from call-out list
  • set up logins for call-out personnel, managers
    • (done) Brett, Sue, Pat
    • (done) Janet, Eric, Claus, Bryan
    • (done) Ron
    • Olga, Mavis, Roy
  • train call-out personnel, managers in use of system
    • (done) Brett, Sue, Pat, Bryan
    • (done) Janet, Eric, Claus
    • (done) Linda
    • Olga, Mavis, Roy, Ron
  • offer Rapid Notify course to call-out personnel, managers
  • (done) develop standard message templates
  • distribute info to members on what to expect, how to use
  • test with each member; identify numbers that should not be called by automated system
  •  ? develop cheat sheet for call-out people (or managers)
  • develop process to acquaint new members with system

[edit] Options

Two offers to piggy-back on existing systems were made.

See Options

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