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This page is about how to contact PCSAR. For information on how we contact Other Organizations see that page.

The Pincher Creek Search and Rescue Society uses permanent contacts, which do not change as people move in and out of key roles. The contacts below should be given whenever we are asked to provide contacts. We've found that using permanent contacts are better than providing the specific contacts for individuals. Too often when we've provided individual contacts, the organization that receives this contact information does not keep the information up to date as those contacts change (perhaps because we've failed to notify them, perhaps because the information doesn't percolate through their system) and we end up missing important messages. If you want to reach a person in a specific role, let us know at one of these permanent contacts, and we'll forward your message.

This same information appears on our Letterhead and the 2-page Resource Summary about PCSAR that we give out to Tasking Agencies and other response organizations.

Our e-mail address:
Information about a current incident can be emailed to But please call one of our emergency numbers below so that we know to look for it.

Our website:

Our administrative phone number is:


Extensions forward calls to the home or cell of various position holders (e.g. President, Administrator, Training).

Our emergency phone numbers:

403-627-2262 (STARS Dispatch), 403-627-5804 (Manager On-Call)
When we're responding to an incident, you can call 403-627-5804 to get a message to the Incident Management Team.

Our mailing address is:

Pincher Creek SAR
Box 1705
Pincher Creek, AB, T0K 1W0

Our shipping address is the same as above for Canada Post. All other couriers use:

Pincher Creek SAR
Pincher Creek Fire Hall
655 Charlotte Street
Pincher Creek, AB, T0K 1W0
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