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Some of the wiki's content is accessible only to Members, Staff, and Trusted Guests. These are pages and files with names beginning with "Members:".

To access these pages, you must log in to the wiki. Click on the "Log in" link at the upper right corner of any page.

Be sure to read the portion that says "Pincher SAR Members". Many people have accidentally skipped this part.

Do not click on "Create an account." As a member you already have an account. Any new account you create will not be able to access the member-only content.

Enter your name as

John Smith

It has to be the spelling as you gave on your membership record. The first name and last name are capitalized, and there's a space between the names.

These formats are wrong and won't work for you:

jsmith johnsmith john.smith  JohnSmith  John.Smith (all wrong)

If you have not logged in before, fill in the username and click on the E-mail password button. You'll get a temporary password sent in about 5 minutes to the e-mail address you gave on your personnel record when you joined Pincher SAR. Once you have the password, you can return to the log in page to log in. You'll be prompted to change your temporary password to a permanent one.

Brand new members will have to wait until the membership database is "processed", which if everyone is doing their job should happen once a month. Contact the Administrator if there are problems.

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