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Joint PCSAR/PCES Rope Rescue/Swiftwater Rescue Report to the PCSAR Board

Last update: 2015-10-15

[edit] Recent and Upcoming Activities

  • 2 people attended October's rope rescue practice
  • Next practice November 19 may be cancelled if Brett away
  • In process of identifying specific equipment and supplier to order using 2013 Casino funding
  • Swiftwater renewal course planned for April

[edit] Active team members

  • Brett Wuth (rope rescue team leader)
  • Nichole Boissoneault (swiftwater team leader)
  • Dan Earle
  • Pat Neumann
  • Robert Frost

[edit] Challenges

  • Low turn out to training

[edit] Requests to the board

  • Promote participation from the general membership
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