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Search and Rescue Fundamentals is the basic training that all members are expected to have.


[edit] Description

SAR Fundamentals is the introductory course that covers all the basic material that a SAR worker needs to know. It includes both classroom and outdoor exercises. A provincially recognized, SAR Alberta certificate is issued for satisfactory completion of the course.

[edit] Offered To

All interested persons - search and rescue workers, government workers, and members of the public.

It is now required by Pincher Creek Search and Rescue that members obtain their SAR Fundamentals certification as soon as possible after joining the group. Courses are available at certain times of the year through our group or other SAR groups.

To maintain your certification you are required to be a participant in at least two (2) mock or real searches within a twelve (12) month period. We have mock searches as the training component of regular meetings a few times a year. This is done to ensure that members have the opportunity to remain certified in the event we have a substantial lack of real searches.

The status of "Emergency" applies to all currently certified members and they are the first to be called upon for a search. If your certification lapses you fall into the status of "Resource" which means you will be among the last to be called for a search and your involvement may be limited.

Members are strongly encouraged to maintain their SAR Fundamentals certification.

[edit] Need

PCSAR regularly runs a Search and Rescue Basics course. Students often come from Lethbridge SAR and the Lethbridge chapter of the Canadian Search Dog Association. Instructors are shared between the groups. Another strong participant is the Blood First Nations Reserve which is trying to form a SAR organization. Training materials and lessons plans are continually being developed and are shared with other SAR groups at

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