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[edit] 2009-10-06

Board mtg

last month minutes.

Funding for insurance.

Casino License - approved. July/Aug/Sep 2012 anticipated date. in Lethbridge.

Search manager Oct - Janet.

SEASAR has liability insurance through co-operators. Getting details. Janet will get details and quotes.


Two calls for SPOT, Sept 19 and 26.

Would like training in group on how to handle SPOT calls. Lindsay Patterson.

New radio standard. Referred to training. Neldon will forward to membership.

Echo article. 4 people interested.

AEMA Stakeholder summit. Will forward to board.

Operation Octopus. At Rocky Mountain House.

AEMA Command Post. Looking for a home.

Request for bartending next July.

SEASAR 10 yr Sat Oct 17.

Treasurer's report will be e-mailed out to us.

Kyle Rast. Snowmobile AST 1 & 2. Bree will send to all members.

Eric putting in application to Town/MD tomorrow.

Equipment. Policy on lending out. Case by case. E-mail board and preplan.

School training has been postponed.

Radio training (Pat Neumann).


  • dead spots
  • knowing what to say
  • equipment problems

placement of mike

press mike, count to 2, then begin message to avoid clipping. Same thing at end.

parts. antenna screwed on tight. Channel: Tac 9. volume about half way up.

Batteries on stand by without talking: 20 - 24 h. With talking: 10 hr.

Waterproof (can be dunked, don't leave in water). Can be used in explosive environment.

Orange button can be a panic button.

Scan button.

Use of squelch. In cases of weak signal.

Batteries issue of memory. Problem with recharging when not completely depleted.

Use of phonetic alphabet.

5 by 5 - loud and clear

wind causes lots of problem with repeaters

"Command Post, this is search team Alpha, over"

@@@ should verify whether our FRS radios can transmit at higher power on lower channel numbers.

To discuss

  • antenna placement
  • 5 codes

reestablishing communication when lost

cold batteries

[edit] 2009-10-13

Cindy reports shows old version. Can reproduce from but not from inside my network.

Fixed. Port 80 wasn't being forwarded and resolved to old version of content.


  • rope work every 2nd practice 20 minutes

discussion issue

  • paid vs unpaid responders

high angle tour Canadian Hydro Oct 23 13:00 Cowley wind turbines

announce tour

Nov 10, 2009 19:00-21:00 rope rescue meeting at fire hall

half an hour to discuss what we are, what's needed, how we're going to get there, feedback.

Get an understanding of interest and commitment level. application process? Playing up personal goals and achievement.

target for end of year.

round robin of

  • who you are
  • what have you done, know
  • where do you want to be

set up demo raise system. use everyone to their skills. build as much as can do in 1 hr. inside on stairs.

Plan to mount anchor points. for SRT.

January 12

  • team building exercise
  • trust building

couple or 3 go arounds to get sense of commitment levels.

April or May. course to bring people to Team Leader level.

report change from 2 to 3 Team Members required.

Peigan Fire Dept.

[edit] 2009-10-20


Call-out committee notification

Call out takes no more than 1 hour for first call.

Then a just wait.

Make sure using same call-out list.

Call waiting really helps out. Or use 2 separate phone lines.

3 custom call-out forms

abrupt / short communication with search manager


  • on-call?

How many callers needed?

5 people.

Meet once a year as part of preplan.

Practice for students as part of mock search for SAR Fundamentals. @@@ Practice with call-out people together at fire hall.

Rope Rescue trainer: Peter Litchfield, Westpoint Safety.

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