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This page is for your feedback on the Pincher Creek Search & Rescue web site.

If you have a question that needs an immediate response, please e-mail pcsar@castrov.cuug.ab.ca.

The web site contains a formal part, http://pcsar.webhop.org, which was constructed as a student project of the Lethbridge Community College. Comments on any of those pages can be included here.

The web site also contains an informal part, http://pcsar.webhop.org/zope/wiki, called a wiki where viewers can make their own changes. Each of these pages allow you to add comments to the page itself. If you have comments about the wiki as a whole, please add them here. If you have comments about an individual page of the wiki, you can add them directly to that page.

To add a comment, click "edit" below to the right, add your comment and click "Save page". Comments will be visible to all. If you prefer to comment privately, you can e-mail the webmaster, wuth@acm.org.

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