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Pincher Creek Search and Rescue has set of standard rate it charges Tasking Agencies.

We do not want Tasking Agencies to hesitate to call upon us when appropriate. If these charges are a concern, please [contact us].

  • Personnel time : no charge - volunteer
  • Mobile Command Post : $250.00/day plus the Federal Mileage Rate (last revised 2013-05-07)
  • Use of Member Quads: $30.00/rolling hour (last revised 2016-04-05)
  • Use of Member Snowmobile: $30.00/rolling hour (last revised 2016-04-05)
  • Use of Member Road Vehicle: National Joint Council (Federal Treasury Board) (last revised 2016-05-03)
    • includes carpooling to incident site
  • Equipment Trailer, including use of all equipment carried : $125.00/day (last revised 2016-07-26)
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