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[edit] Find the file on the wiki

Files that already are on the wiki can be made available or used on various pages. You do not need to upload them again in order to link to them. Instead you can use the file that has been already uploaded.

If your file is not on the wiki, you'll need to upload it. See: Help:Managing files.

[edit] Most common way to link

The most common way to link to files on the wiki uses the template:link.

  1. Go to the description page of the already uploaded file.
  2. Copy the title of the description page. It will be something like: Image:Demo Sunflower.png
  3. Find the wiki page where you wish to place a link to this file
  4. Edit the page
  5. Add the text: {{link|
  6. Paste in the title of the description page. Something like: Image:Demo Sunflower.png
  7. Finish of with: }}
  8. You should end up with something like: {{link|Image:Demo Sunflower.png}}
  9. Save your changes.
  10. You should see the link to your page.

As with any wiki page you can further format your text. For instance by adding a * to the start of your line so that it becomes a bulleted line by itself.

See template:link for options, including changing the text of the link.

[edit] Deeper understanding

Please read Mediawiki's "Linking to files" description which talks about how to link generally on any mediawiki site (including this one).

See also Help:Managing files.

[edit] Tools that help

PCSAR's wiki has a couple of additional ways of linking:

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