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Files can be uploaded to the wiki and then made available or used on various pages.

Please read Mediawiki's "Managing file" description which talks about how to do this generally on any mediawiki site.

PCSAR's wiki has a few additions described below.


[edit] Confidential files

Files that should not be readable by everyone in the world can be placed in the confidential members-only portion of the wiki. To do that, prefix the file name with "Members:" when filling in the "Destination filename:” of the upload form. So for instance if the file was a quote from a company that was giving us a great deal on a product, the source filename might be 2016-03-30 acme quote.pdf, you would change the destination filename to Members:2016-03-30 acme quote.pdf.

Files that begin with Members: are only accessible to people who are logged in with that access.

Note that you have to get the prefix exactly right:

  • The prefix is "Members:"
  • It can't be "Member:" -- it has to be plural, "Members:"
  • There can't be any space between "Members" and the colon. "Members :" won't work
  • There can't be anything in front of the "Members:". "Some Members:" won't work

Any of these mistakes will make the file still visible to the world.

[edit] Image:

PCSAR is using an older version of mediawiki where files that have been upload have their file description page starting with Image: instead of File:. Use Image: anywhere instructions might say File:.

[edit] Linking to files

PCSAR's wiki has some easier and additional ways to link to files.

[edit] Scanning

Don't scan pages you've printed. There's an easier way.

[edit] Choosing the type of file

When you're scanning and uploading a page, it's generally better to save them as PDFs rather than JPGs. That's because PDFs will be printed as full pages identical to the page you scanned. JPGs will often get scaled and end up a different size. JPGs make sense if you're scanning something that is going to be embedded in a page (like a photo).

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