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In order to get the best out of the wiki, you should know how to use tabs on your web browser. For instance, Help:Linking to files assumes you know how to have one tab open to the file description page and another tab editing a page that should have the link.

Using tabbed browsing is a general skill that applies to all web browsing that you do. It is not specific to Pincher SAR. It's a good skill to have even if you never use this wiki.

Below are a number of introductions to using tabs in your web browser. You can try any of them. Or if you prefer, check out several to compare and really get the point.

Tabbed browsing works very similarly regardless of which browser you use. But I've noted the browser shown in case you want to have it match closely to your own web browser. You might prefer a video or a written page depending on your personal learning style.

  1. How To Geek: beginner guide to tabs, MS-Windows Firefox
  2. Lehigh University: short illustrated steps, uncertain which browser
  3. GCF Learn Free: includes basics of links and navigation, MS-Windows Internet Explorer
  4. Life Hacker: short illustrated introduction, Firefox
  5. Youtube video: a very concrete illustration of tabs, Mac Safari
  6. Youtube video: good illustration of why you would use tabs, Mac Firefox
  7. Youtube video: includes basics of links and navigation, MS-Windows Internet Explorer
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